A Short Halloween Story

A few years ago, it was nearly Halloween and I was in Target. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday; I’m kind of amazed that it has become so commercial in recent years.

Anyway, I don’t remember what I was shopping for – money was tight — probably deals on paper towels or laundry detergent.

I stopped at an end cap display of Halloween items – some bowls and candles, I think — but what really caught my eye were the towels. These were decorative hand towels in black and orange with phrases like “Boo!” or “Trick or Treat” with ghosts and assorted goblins and bats embroidered on them. As I recall, because it was close to the holiday, these hand towels were marked down to like $1.99 or so.

Even though $1.99 didn’t seem like much, I thought about the bills we needed to pay and that I didn’t know where the money for Christmas presents was going to come from over the next month or so.

And I heard my mother’s scolding voice in my head, “You don’t need that. What do you want to spend money on that for?”

I pushed my cart forward and continued with my shopping.

By chance, as I headed toward the check out lanes a little while later, I passed the same end cap display. I paused once again and picked up one of the black towels with “Happy Halloween” and a scary house embroidered on it.

Before my mother could start talking in my head again, I grinned, put it in the cart, and headed on to the check out.

I hung my Halloween towel on the rack in our half bath as usual this weekend.

The small towel never fails to make me smile when I see it. I am reminded that small things can offer big rewards and that it doesn’t take something elaborate and expensive to make my day – or someone else’s.



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